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Always wanted to share the wisdom I acquire in the form of short and interesting stories. Writing a memoir was on and off my bucket list for a number of years. I was looking for a more interactive way to communicate and inspire others.

  • What if I could use images with minimal text to engage you?
  • What if I could share in short storylines and help you adjust your experiences?
  • What if I could encourage you to focus on the benefits gained from life?

Upon completion of my NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming) Master Practitioner certification in 2019, it gave me confidence that we’re all capable of reprogramming our brain to improve our lives. Mind Over Matter is a catalyst to help you find where your heart lies.

I hope this book will serve as a light-hearted therapy tool for you to find freedom, feel rejuvenated, improve your confidence, make change happen and empower your inner voice to live a life that would inspire you.

you rock!

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NLP is a toolkit consisting of techniques and practices to improve communication, relationship management, mindfulness, change management and more.

Mind Over Matter Dr. Linda Ferguson of NLP Canada Training Inc.
"This little book is a wonderful way to experience two of the keys to NLP practice. The first key is the shift: a small change in perception that generates big changes in feeling and possibility. The other key is deliberate optimism. Beth shows us how to play even with difficult experiences and painful memories. Her simple, evocative images and suggestions are a great reminder that hope is not complicated. Good things happen one thought at a time."


Start an inner dialog to focus on the benefits gained from life

Thanks y’all for your support and love. It means a lot to me to carry on sharing my experience and passion with the world.

We have over 7.5 billion people in the world. When we’re pre-programmed, the opinion of one or a few can stop our good energy. Mind Over Matter can help you do better than that! While going through Beth’s stories, you’re going to record your thoughts about or after wandering. Take yourself into a state of well-being and walk into your best thoughts when reliving the experience.

Benefits include:

  • Be more present
  • Clear your mind
  • Inspire thoughts
  • Increase joy
  • Spark creativity

With Positivity The Future is Boundless

This book makes change magical!

Beth's stories introduce emotional wellness activities aimed to help you better cope during moments of stress, sadness or anxiety.

Hop on a Mindful Ride

So, when you're feeling lost and restless, pick up a Mind Over Matter book, hop on a mindful ride and write or draw what's in your thoughts. Start to see the experience more clearly and empower yourself to manage it differently. This will help you regain peace and feel better.

Cool Experience

An interactive experience to uplift your life

NLP is scientifically based

This book was inspired by NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming). NLP is scientifically based and proves that our brain can reprogram itself to improve our lives by positively adjusting our experiences.

Think Outside The Box

A clever approach to guide you in a self-discovery journey


Hop on a mindful ride and become more confident

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Easy reading as we all have a busy life. It's animated and simple words to convey more people to understand. Sending good vibes to readers as we all have our own story. While reading I jotted down my feelings and impressions along. Very intimate and generous sharing your own experience Beth. I'm also a perfectionist, I can relate to that!! Mind Over Matter reflects positivity and joy, not to feel sorry for yourself, not to give up, keep positive and keep learning. Well done! 


New Jersey

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An enlightening and refreshing read from beginning to end as Beth kept me engaged. This was an enjoyable story and it was relatable to some of my childhood experiences. Felt I was watching her come out of her shell as a young woman into a beautiful one who is loved and cherished. Wish that I could have come across this sooner to manage my life challenges better.



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Beth, I really loved it! Taking a serious topic and making it fun and sharing yourself through it. I think it will be a great workbook if you are going to be doing workshops. I learned we both love cats and share an ugly duckling/swan story! My 2 big takeaways were in how you did it, while some I got easily however, the 2 that stood out for me were "accept a silent response" and "flexibility". For me that has been hard, but yet you put it into words very easy. Love the animation. I look forward to the more next time!



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I bought a pack of color pens and started drawing my thoughts on the space provided. I felt as if I was growing up with Beth. Totally unexpected awesomeness that I looked at things differently and have become more confident that I can do better. Thanks so much for sharing!



Time to see the world in a different light!

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